#sketchnote: Understanding Leadership

I come from a family of artists (case in point: my awesomely talented cousin), but my artistic prowess is best evidenced on stage.  This drawing thing doesn’t come naturally to me.  So I panicked a bit at the thought of creating sketch notes to visualize leadership.  I procrastinated.  I dreaded.  I thought about the beautiful sketch notes I’ve seen take shape on Explain Everything as I sat behind Reshan Richards watching as he gave them life.  And I realized that I needed clear thoughts in mind before moving forward.  I know, I know–sketch notes are messy, and I am the first one to sing messy’s praises.  When I finally started, I realized that sketch notes may just be the beautiful bridge between messy and clean…


I realized I had to go old school to try this, and when I did, I remembered why writing notes is so helpful to me as opposed to typing them.  They settle in that way–they take root.  Adding the element of visualization levels up the understanding, organizes the thinking, and leads to further insights.

Sketch notes felt like a natural fit in capturing the ideas expressed around leadership traits, styles, and theory.  It did take me a while, but I think it was worth it.  I might even be bold enough to try Explain Everything next time.



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Lori Lisai

educator, arts enthusiast, runner, 2015 Rowland Fellow, and inspiration junkie cannonballing transformative classroom practice and life in general

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